As a business owner, you know you'll need business cards, but what else do you need to promote your brand and products?


At THC-A, we love organic growth, but sometimes, a little push goes a long way. The right tools and resources can boost your business exponentially.

With so much of a consumer's time being spent online, are things like letterhead and envelopes still necessary? What about postcards and flyers?


We look at every business and see what is required and will not offer products that are not needed for your business. We'll sit down and talk with your team to find out how your company operates and what makes your target demographic unique. From there, we'll outline a list of marketing collateral deliverables that we recommend to meet your goals. With decades of combined design, printing, online and marketing experience, we specialise in:


  • Business cards, from simple to fancy.

  • Stickers. Die-cut, vinyl, transparent, you name it, and we can make it happen.

  • Digital marketing and advertising? We got you!

  • Print advertisements for trade publications

  • Brochures and flyers that move a potential customer to take one home.

  • Go the traditional route with a printed product catalogue, booklet, newspaper, magazines and radio/tv.

  • Expo and trade show booths for your next industry event.

  • Marketing collateral like gazebos, pull up banners, tables cloths and just able anything you need.


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