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Happy Friday, everyone here is my reflections of the past week.

day 7 reflexion of the 1st week of lockdown

Happy Friday!  Everyone reflections of the past week.

Our second week of lockdown begins, here are some reflections of what I learned in the past week.

  • Life will change, and peoples will change with this

  • Businesses will change, and services will adjust

  • There are business opportunities in these dark times, but don't approach them with greed

  • Marketing will change, and brands will adjust

  • The right partnerships will make your business stronger

  • That friend that is brutally truthful and will remind you to keep your eye on your goal. You will appreciate

Don't get me wrong, you will hit that low, and ask yourself, is it worth it? This answer will within itself give you a clue if you are on the right path. In all your life, have you known the universe to stepped in from a global perspective, asking the world to just stand still, and to reflect on what they are doing? For me, this will be one of my most memorable times ever.   Don't get me wrong, you will ht that low, and this is a natural feeling to go through, these lows are there to remind us what reward really feels like and it is not the car you buy or the shopping spree. It is that feeling of excitement that you use to get when you were a kid. That savouring moment after you completed your first race when you felt like giving up halfway through but pushed past the pain and tiredness. This will be the same for your business, you have been given something that money can't buy, time. Time to reflection, restructuring, and remembering why you started your business in the first place. Go back to those roots, see your seed of passion is still there. If it is, savour that feeling and hold on tight to it, because passion is the fuel that will drive your business to come out stronger on the other side. Part of my business is business mentorship. Early this week, I got a call from a client, before lockdown this client had a significant setback in her business and was about to throw in the towel. When mentoring her, she started focusing on recovery and following up on leads and planting seeds for business. Then this the lockdown. She had great concerns and felt exceptionally down. Staff was calling her wanting to know if they would have work after the lockdown, which made her doubtful if her business could survive this lockdown. After listening and encouraging her to keep focusing on her goals. This morning I got a call from the same client. She had great news; she is signing a contract with a national client, and her staff are now secure.  I am not the one that helps her, she did this all herself. I was just the voice of truth and made sure that she followed through on her goals. But then again this now also means my client will give me a lot of work that we need to complete so they can hit the floor running when lockdown comes to an end. In conclusion, take this time, make sure you are focussed on the right shit, and everything else will fall in line. Below are some articles that can assist you with your business. We always appreciate feedback, you can write to me here. If you need help with your business feel free to contact me on Please let me know how you are doing. Angela Cannatrepenuer THC-A

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