• Angela Meuwsen-Sterling

We are all great

So you smoked pot, your parents and teachers will tell you that you won't amount to much. You just decided to give up before even trying.

Had I listened to my teachers and some of my bosses, I probably would have had a shitty job with an even shittier boss. Today my business partner and I are leading a creative and exciting agency called THC-A. We are not unique, no special powers and no excessively wealthy family who are bankrolling this venture. I am almost inclined to say that my business partner and I are humble people and love every company to succeed.

What drives us is that we love to see change, improvement and acceptance of that what is right and we definitely like to tackle the impossible and come out on top. We share a vision that is greater than ourselves, and we believe that life is not dependent on the approval of others. We have fallen plenty of times, but every time we got up and kept on moving.

So, fuck yes you may be a pothead and guess what, so were some of our greatest historical leaders. For fuck sake, Queen Elizabeth did pot not to mention Barack Obama and Steven Jobs. I will bet you if some of the top executives in companies were drug tested you may be pretty surprised who had a brownie or two.

So get out of your pitty zone and don't let anyone ever tell you what your life will be. There is the only person that can make or break you, and that is you. I am serious, you are rear, there is only one of you, this on its own makes you unique. Let no one ever take this away from you.

Barack Obama



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