• Angela Meuwsen-Sterling

The importance of legalising cannabis...

and why you should sign the petition... an article for ordinary people

There are very few things we can control when it comes to our government. Now more than before, unity is changing laws, from human rights to the legalisation of cannabis. It's time we return the herb where it belongs, and that's in the hands of the people. Whether you use it for medicinal, recreation or not at all, signing the petition to legalise cannabis, will impact your life and here is why.

A popular belief is that cannabis is the gateway to more illicit drugs, derived from the "war on drugs" campaign in 1968 by Nixon. The release of the iconic movie "Reefer Madness." released shortly after, telling the public that cannabis was a drug that created loose women and madness after smoking a joint. In true style, the world followed like sheep, and soon cannabis was declared a schedule 1 drug, deemed as highly addictive with no medical benefits. The US government did, however, continue with cannabis research. Resulting in the USA government filing US Patent No. 6,630,507 in 1999, after scientists found that parts of the cannabis flower's cannabinoids were non-psychoactive, and indicated that it could be useful in the treatment of neurological diseases. This patent leaked into social media in 2003, creating an uproar and the withdrawal of the patent because a naturally grown product can't be patented. (Not to be confused with a genetically engineered/grown product which can have a patent in the USA).

People that have not been part of the cannabis community will also not know that serious research into medicinal cannabis goes back to the early 1900s and has continued during prohibition. The Netherlands, Israel, Canada and the Czech Republic are the top four leading research countries in cannabis. Some of the most accredited leading Medical Universities that are researching medicinal cannabis are, Harvard, John Hopkins, Oxford, Wits University and the University of Western Cape, most of these universities are also conducting human trials. The National Institutes of Health-funded projects list in 2016 revealed 165 studies related to cannabis and 327 studies related to the search term marijuana. reported a reduction in opioid addiction as well as a 25% decline in opioid-related deaths in states where cannabis is legal. 

To date, 56 countries are tolerating cannabis, and 44 Countries have formally legalised marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational use.Health Europa has reported that cannabis has health benefits that can assist with:

  • chronic pain relief, 

  • assist in improved lung capacity, 

  • regulate diabetes, 

  • assist in the fighting cancer, 

  • helps in treating depression, 

  • assist in the treatment of autism, 

  • reduces seizures, 

  • helps with ADD and ADHD, 

  • positive results in treating glaucoma, 

  • alleviates anxiety, 

  • assists in slowing down Alzheimer's, 

  • helps with PTSD, 

  • pain relief in multiple sclerosis, 

  • reduces side effects linked to Hepatitis C, 

  • treatment in inflammatory bowel disease, 

  • helps in reducing tremors related to Parkinson's 

  • improvement in various autoimmune conditions 

  • treatment for nausea, 

  • with further studies showing that different cannabinoids can also help with weight control.

It's not my intention to change your mind on trying cannabis, but I hope that I have changed your mind in signing the petition for legalisation. One day this may be a treatment that you would want to look into because all others have failed, do not deny yourself this choice when the time comes.

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