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Your digital voice in 2020

Updated: Apr 24

Digital marketing is not an option anymore, it is an essential platform to get your brand to top of mind. From your local hardware to an international conglomerate, digital marketing can make or the lack of can break a brand. People want ease of access, this means the ability to locate information, websites, research and purchasing. Having your brand at the fingertips of your customers can bring in a significant amount of business. This goes hand in hand with a strong brand message and service offering.

In 2020, there are not many businesses that don’t have a presence online, even if it is a simple listing somewhere. The technological age we live in makes it essential for any marketing officer to integrate a digital strategy.

Below are a few tips in what to look out for in 2020, especially now that your online presence could be your brand’s survival tool.

Pintrest having a close lead, however recently falling drastically since August 2019, when they were on par with Facebook on 43.65%

1. Interactive content everywhere

Content that moves, swipes, at responds to you is interactive. 93% of marketers state that interactive media is the best way to educate customers on services and products, according to Outgrow.

2020 will bring a lot of companies to experience more with applications such as:

  • Polls, questionnaire quizzes

  • AR and VR (Augmented and virtual reality devices)

  • 360 Degree videos

2. Context in your content marketing

Content marketing has become a big part of the may marketing has changed over the last 5 to 10 years. Pioneers in the content marketing field include the likes of Monster, Redbull and Virgin. They have built an amazing example to follow as to how to go about content marketing.

Google has also revised their understand of content, looking deeper into content and context. The BERT update Google released in November 2019, an algorithm helps google get a better idea of user search queries. Google advises to focus on website speed over chasing the latest SEO trends.

Companies must now take a more careful look at their content and the context within.

3. Video is not optional anymore

South Africa has a mobile footprint of an estimated 28.99 Million active users according to Flickerleap. In a world where people now learn about brands on high speed internet and easy to access information like video, being the easiest to digest in a short space of time. These stats from ImpactBND show a very real need for video’s in your marketing:

  • 70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video.

  • 52% of consumers state product videos encourage confidence and buying decisions.

  • 72% of businesses believe video content has improved their conversion rate.

Live streaming integrated with influencer marketing can yield great results, this is a generation of social influencers. Platforms such as Twitch have over 15 million daily active users who mostly watch live streams of their favourite influencers in the gaming sphere.

Unlike the US and European countries, Youtube is not as widely adopted in South Africa yet. Perhaps this is because of the lack of video equipment available (Expenses) or other intimidating factors like lack of knowledge or editing tools. Even with video not being a high marketing driver in our country yet, it would be a mistake to not take up the oppertunity as video has become an essential part of the story telling process when selling your brand to customers.

4. Age of the virtual concierge

People like to be assisted at the touch of a button. The use of Chatbots have increased dramatically over the last 2 years. Intelligent AI that engages and learns from your customers and able to reply 24 hours a day. Facebook really used their Chatbot tool well and soon became a regular feature for most brands on Facebook.

Almost 80% of businesses who have tested a Chatbot service, say they would start using them more frequently in their business from this year. Benefits to business include:

  • 24-hour service

  • Instant responses

  • No additional staff

In January, 43% of users prefer messaging a Chatbot for quick responses than making a call, reported Tidio. Chatbots will ensure a faster and more connected brand experience in 2020.

5. Has Facebook hit its peak?

For years Facebook was the top dog in the social media space. In 2018 Forbes reported "it was also the most popular form of social media for Americans aged 65+ (41%)". This shows an interesting trend of platform usage and the way it is being used. Younger and apirational audiences are adopting platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and the new kid on the block, TikTok.

The Digital 2020 Report published by Hootsuite and Wearesocial show that facebook still has the lead in active user base. Currently estimated at around 1.95 Billion active users, compaired to the next highest being Youtube.

After 2018's data breach scandal, Facebook has struggled to keep their users from moving to other platforms. Many have become resentful of the fake news censorships, political propaganda and cyberbullying. TechCrunch speculates that Facebook may be dead for Gen Z users base.

For the South African market, the stats are reflected a bit differently. Facebook still has the market share with Pintrest having a close lead, however recently falling drastically since August 2019, when they were on par with Facebook no 43.65%.

Current stats for South Africa dictate an interesting trend of Twitter moving us the usage ranks while Pintrest drops way below regular usage. Facebook has a current standing of 41.88% usage over it's compeditors this month.

6. People buy into brand they trust

Transparency is a valued commodity in today’s times. A brand that speaks from the heart, that has a personable voice is what people want. The feeling of being connected to the person you are dealing with, a feeling of belonging to culture. Your customers will be drawn to who you are and support that over just another place to get a service or product. Authenticity is your brands voice and will penetrate deeper into your client’s emotions.

Understanding the ins and outs of marketing can be complex. We do our best to give you the tools you need to go further. If you would like us to assist you directly, drop us an email on



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